Closet Space: What’s Next In Fashion?

I’ve been trying to keep my closet as practical and minimal as possible. I remember thinking about fashion to be the ultimate killer inside one’s pocket. The idea of haute fashion as the uttermost must-haves, or to own the most eccentric pieces you could get your hands on, but this is now a long-gone thought. I’ve taken the time to study how simple pieces can become core items in your closet, not because of their unconventional designs and colors, but because of the meaning and versatility a single piece could take on an outfit and in one’s personal space.

Thinking about the singularity of an item can really give you an idea of how it could work with the rest of your growing closet. I mean something like, how does the iconic white T-shirt look with your other pieces? From this angle, we can definitely understand the practicality of an item before it hangs loosely on our closets. In MoMa’s 2017 Items: Is Fashion Modern we get an insight over these pieces and how they came to be so popular. With it, I came to understand the triumphs of everyday pieces that could easily be unseen and what makes these pieces fashion.

Items: Is Fashion Modern

The exhibition explores a history of timelines through 111 items that vary from clothing to accessories that have stricken the world during the 20th and 21st centuries—and still keep kicking it in the streets. From Levi’s 501s to Nike Airforce, the pearl necklace, the culturally based sari and tracksuits. The exhibition journeys alongside engineers, manufacturers, designers, their techniques and approaches. The goal at tend is to give perspective through the objects and the relationships between culture, aesthetics, labor, identity economy and technology.

While going deep into this exhibition, I asked myself, is fashion modern? What makes fashion modern, and why would it be detailed in the renowned Museum of Modern Art in New York City?

<<For starters fashion is a popular aesthetic expression at a certain time and in a certain context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle>>. These are objects based on cultural beliefs, and many anthropological factors. <<Whereas a trend often connotes a peculiar aesthetic expression and often lasting shorter than a season, fashion is a distinctive and industry-supported expression traditionally tied to the fashion season and collections>>

How is fashion modern? Well, it’s okay to think of fashion as the future. I believe fashion is both everlasting and ephemeral. It’s what moves forward and what resides in our streets, in our closets, in our heros and our beloved homes. The modern aspect of it is how we adapt to our environments with these pieces and how they could be repurposed. It’s not about the highlights on the Spring Season Issues of Vogue, but deep down how these pieces are being represented in the latest Spring issues.

I guess there’s no better place to represent this thought with the MoMa. An institution whose goal is to share the modern and contemporary arts that bring different worilds together in multiple artistic spectrums. They lead educational programs and art-making expertise. It just feels right, it belongs to be seen under the Modern art spectacles.


Sustainability and Modern Fashion

Ever used the same spoon to stir, cook and eat your meal? Okay, maybe not, but let’s think of it this way. We’ve seen through decades how the items displayed in the exhibition have been transformed through collections of famous designers ranging from Issey Miyake, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. They’re still a white pair of sneakers, or a blouse, a jumper with this season’s hottest color, crispy mint, faded off-white.

The same spoon, used in different ways.

Just like that, I figured what’s next, not in fashion, but in my closet. What would practically fit my closet to add to my stock of basics. These 111 items are great examples of these bare-necessities. It’s not like you need to impress Phoebe Phillo, but you might see yourself being impressed by your sense of sustainability and smart decision making when buying your next pair of shoes.

Picking up on the exhibition, some pieces are so exclusively detailed on their iconic designs and practicality, that used together with other pieces alike they will fully round up an unfinished circle, with endless possibilities. This can make a piece quite special and make it useful for years to come. That little black dress, faded denim, the black sweater you always carried in your back seat.

Every piece has a story. You got it on sale, at a thrift shop, you waited for over two weeks, it reminded you of your mother and so on. That’s fashion and it’s modern enough to me. To give it a contemporary meaning among the mishaps of the World, regardless of who you are or where you come from. By giving meaning to your objects, and with them expressing your identity you create a unique slate, a redefinition of what’s modern, what’s trendy and what’s next in fashion.

Written by Vanely Martinez