Landscapes In Vintage

An Exploration of Vintage

Challenged to explore vintage in landscapes we decided to adventure into the north coast of Puerto Rico. La Esperanza is part of a restored historic site located in the city of Manatí where the only steam mill of its kind still stands thanks to restorative patrimonial efforts. For this reason, this city seemed fit to explore vintage as an art form.

The following gallery explores the way landscapes can bring out the nature of fashion, as a representation of our day-to-day choices when it comes to clothes consumption, color schemes, circular fashion; and the natural environments we often enjoy yet forget to acknowledge. The histories that divide and unite the human conditions and the ways nature influence a single photograph.


The Music of Windmills

It was mid July, and it was enough to be social distancing amidst a pandemic while acknowledging the place we had chosen to shoot in, Hacienda La Esperanza in Manatí, Puerto Rico had been closed for the weekend. Of course, another COVID related misfortune. Fortunately, we discovered the closure of our picture-perfect, backdrop like setting after apparently “sneaking in”. Our models had been set up with the first vintage pieces, which seemed to bring to life a modern twist of a Claude Monet painting. The speeding wind atop the hill of Hacienda la Esperanza added character to the scenery, while the windmill that stood tall a few meters from the historic structure gave off an elusive soundtrack.


Textiles and Shifting Clouds

In between the rush of film, digital and video recordings a pair of ferocious dogs were released into the open yard where we stood, distancing between each other, our mask-wearing cast and crew ended up befriending the canines which added to the splendor of the pictures. We picked our stuff and left behind the hacienda. We walked a few meters downhill where a grassy valley awaited, green, untouched and fertile. The clouds decided to peek in an outstanding cameo, which shifted the lighting to a more melancholic frame. We took advantage of the sudden weather and snapped some dramatic shots which quickly became our favorites.

Buttons and Dresses in Sunsets

As the day came to an end, and our feast of snacks became brittle leftover bits, we decided to visit the beach. The thing about beaches is never knowing what to expect with colors and lighting. We were seeking a sunset panorama and sandy-nude schemes. Thankfully, Mar Chiquita was truly the gift that kept on giving. We got there on time. Our models changed into their last outfits that would close the eight hour shoot day.




Photography and editing by Ash Calo

Written by Vanely Martinez