Drama strawberry lime tie dye tights


As seen in Teen Vogue. Semi- opaque half and half smoke ring tie dye tights in green and pink. Each pair is unique and color and print will vary slightly. Using 2 dyes will pull different colors in overlapping or around the rings, like brown, blu, purple or tan. Also shown in solid pink and green for color reference. Handmade with toxic free dye in house by us, with love! 

*Please allow up to 2-10 days to prepare as they’re made to order, although orders are generally ready in 1-2 days.

*Care tips- We suggest hand washing them in cold water and line drying. If you use a washing machine, use cold water and a delicates garment pouch and avoid the dryer. Be careful of things that will snag them, like filing nails before putting them on and removing rings to keep them snag free. Email us with any questions:)

*Sizing- if you’re unsure we suggest sizing up! They’re a little snug:)

Xxs-M - Height: 5’0”-5’3” / 95-130 lbs, Height: 5’3”-5’8” / -120 lbs

M-L - Height: 5’1”-5’7” / 110-130 lbs, Height: 5’3”-5’10” / -160 lbs

L-xl - Height: 4’11”-5’4” / 150-195 lbs / Hips 40”-50” 

1x-2x- Height 5’4”-5’10” / Weight 215-265 lbs / Hips 44”-55”

3x-4x- Height 5’4”-5’9” / Weight 300-335 lbs / Hips 60”-70” 

5x-6x- Height 5’3”-6’ / Weight 300-400 Lbs. / Hips 60”-80”

7x-8x- Height 5’3”-6’/ Weight 400-500 Lbs. / Hips 75”-85”

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