“As a vintage buyer, I noticed the seemingly unbreachable gap from vintage brands to consumers. Buying vintage is an exciting and oddly rewarding experience but finding that one piece can be hard. That’s why I created Genzier. Our team set out to breach the gap between amazing vintage and us, the sustainable buyers.” – Vanely Martinez, CEO

So, what, exactly, is Genzier?

Long story short? Genzier is a community of sustainable buyers and vintage boutiques that make finding and buying vintage easy while keeping the thrill of the hunt.

Genzier’s online vintage marketplace provides a platform for established vintage boutiques to expose their carefully curated vintage pieces, their brand identity and showcase their products to people all over the world.

The market place creates an easy way for people to find and buy vintage clothing from their favorite local boutique or from a vintage boutique that is on the other side of the world.

We, at Genzier, aim to keep the thrill of vintage shopping but leave out all the annoying parts of buying it. Our curated vintage boutiques make shopping vintage fast, fun and convenient.

An online marketplace where anyone can buy from a range of curated vintage brands that sell vintage clothing in mint condition from the comfort of their homes, or wherever your phone is and get it at your doorstep.