About us

“As a dedicated vintage consumer, I noticed the gaps that seemed unbreachable from a vintage retailer to the consumers. Buying vintage is a thrilling and rewarding experience. I admit, though, that searching for that one piece can be tedious. That’s why I created Genzier. Our team set out to breach the gap between amazing vintage boutiques, mint condition vintage clothing and us, the sustainable buyers.” – Vanely Martinez, CEO

So, what, exactly, is Genzier?

Long story short? Genzier is a community of sustainable buyers and vintage boutiques that make finding and buying vintage easy while keeping the thrill of the hunt.

Genzier’s online vintage marketplace provides a platform for established vintage boutiques to expose their carefully curated vintage pieces, their brand identity and showcase their products to people all over the world.

The market place creates an easy way for people to find and buy vintage clothing from their favorite local boutique or from a vintage boutique that is on the other side of the world.

We, at Genzier, aim to keep the thrill of vintage shopping but leave out all the annoying parts of buying it. Our curated vintage boutiques make shopping vintage fast, fun and convenient.

An online marketplace where anyone can buy from a range of curated vintage brands that sell vintage clothing in mint condition from the comfort of their homes, or wherever your phone is and get it at your doorstep.


Genzier’s vision is to provide an online platform that supports conscious consumption while promoting individual style and house a community that values sustainability as much as they value individual style.


We created an online platform for our selected vintage boutiques in the effort to promote sustainability and individuality by providing people access to sustainable and stylish vintage retailers. Genzier’s online marketplace is created to help anyone anywhere buy vintage from a range of curated boutiques that sell vintage clothing in mint condition from the comfort of their homes, or wherever your phone is.

Why Join Genzier?

  • First, why not?
  • Selling vintage online is a sure way to expand your audience and reach potential customers
  • State of the art market place that is easy to use
  • The exposure of your brand, brand values, aesthetic through your boutique profile & store front 

The sea of misconfusion within digital marketing and ecommerce is a hard skill to undertake and there are thousands of experts on the subject which cost far too much, thankfully you have a team that is dedicated to your brand’s exposure online. Yes, this means all those odd words from SEO, Customer Rate Optimization, Customer LifeTime Value, and data that actually changes your game for the better. Our team of growth marketers and digital natives are here with tips and tricks under their sleeves to help your brand thrive within the thousands of other vintage sellers that are stuck in the sandbox of the internet.

  • A personal Account Manager dedicated to guiding your boutique to success
  • A team of tech & sustainability wizards that are constantly generating traffic, get real world data of what your customer wants, ’optimizing the website for success, and focused on designing only the best experience for you and your customers.
  • Access to a private Slack community of other chosen vintage boutiques
  • Joining Genzier gets you much more than just a space in the marketplace
  • Our Content Team creates:
    1.  Brand highlights
    2. Weekly newsletters to Genzier’s subscribers
    3. Consistent quality blog posts
    4. Editorial social media coverage

The Basics

  • If you want to be a part of the Genzier community and be one of our vintage boutiques, you need to apply as a seller. Just enter your information on the form and we’ll review your store.
  • Once your vintage boutique is approved, we’ll get in touch with you and discuss all the details.
  • Creating your boutique profile is simple, free and you’ll get all the benefits of being a seller on Genzier.
  • Joining the Genzier marketplace is free, we just get a small percentage of the sale.
  • When you’re approved as a seller, you immediately receive free access to our Slack community where you will be part of a community of other chosen  vintage boutique owners.
  • We want to empower you as a business owner. That’s why Genzier is optimized for conversion, developed with your boutique in mind  to help you better manage your business, from products, promotions to photography.
  • Genzier’s market place has been thoughtfully designed to create exceptional user experience for every customer and all your potential ones too.
  • Genzier is managed by a team of tech nerds really into sustainability that are devoted to help your vintage boutique thrive and provide personal customer service to all your customers. 
  • Vintage boutiques must stock a minimum of 10 styles at all times.
  • Your product images must be up to Genzier standards before you open your boutique. You can read our photography guide for details and inspirations. Think quality pictures that expose your mint condition vintage pieces.

Photography Guidelines

The Genzier community appreciates well thought out photography and product pictures that showcase the piece entirely. Remember, photography is a key element in promoting and getting your vintage boutique noticed. Embrace your brand’s identity and aesthetic through your boutique’s photography and product pictures. Style your pictures and get creative! You’re potential shoppers can get inspired just by looking at your boutiques product pictures.

Here’s a few tips:

  • Go for natural lighting. Your product shots should look real, not intensely photoshopped with artificial lighting. 
  • Stay way from over-editing. Don’t add intense filters to your pictures and don’t photoshop your pictures.
  • Don’t use black + white filters: your potential buyers are looking for something that looks close to the real thing!
  • You should always shoot your items on models. Remember: less is more. Make it clear what is being sold. If your product is a shirt, have a person model the shirt. If your product is clear and looks good, you’ll have sales. 
  • Don’t use someone else’s pictures. Own the shots of your products. Aka: no stock photos or photos used by any other person or brand.
  • If you’re selling branded items, you need to include pictures of labels and authenticity details.

Our team checks all the product listings and if you don’t adhere to Genzier’s Marketplace standard, we will remove them while you update your listings.

Image sizes and extra details:

Product images:

  • You can upload three portrait images per product listing. Try to use the shots to showcase all the details of the product you’re selling.
  • Image format: Portrait 5:7
  • Image size: Min. 2000 x 2800 px

 Boutique Profile:

  • These images represent your brand’s identity. Add pictures that you can keep as headers year round.
  • Image format for your boutique profile: 1:1 (Square)
  • Image size for your boutique profile: Min. 800 x 800 px


How do I customize my boutique?

Go to your Seller Profile Page. You can then customise the various elements;
  • Store name
  • Contact information
  • Profile image
  • Store description
  • Social networks
  • Listings

 This is a great opportunity to really sell yourself to customers and get across your brand message. Your boutique storefront should represent your brand and what you are selling in your boutique in a clear and concise way, we advise that you use one strong profile image. Contact your account manager should you want any feedback or assistance. 

How do I Deactivate my boutique?

Please email hi@genzier.com and your account manager will deactivate your boutique.

How do I promote my boutique?

  • We encourage all boutiques to link to social media accounts, this enables boutiques to promote their network and drive traffic to their boutique.
  • If you are posting any relevant content on your Social Media accounts be sure to tag us for more exposure.
  • You can also get featured on the most popular pages of Genzier: the men’s and women’s homepages, brand highlights, weekly newsletters, blog pages and Genzier’s social media.
  • By doing so you can put your boutique in front of the Marketplace customers and open your boutique up to a whole new audience. 

How do I get noticed on Genzier Marketplace?

  • Expose your brand’s identity. Everything from your brand’s aesthetics, values and feel through your products, copy and product photography.
  • Get creative! You know your brand and who your customer is better than anyone. Create quality content and the right people will come.
  • Boutiques get featured around the site everyday. Your boutique can get featured on the most popular pages of Genzier: the men’s and women’s homepages, brand highlights, weekly newsletters, blog pages and Genzier’s social media.
  • Maintain great customer service and be attentive to your customer’s feedback!