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1960s Puerto Rico Mustard Ivory Lace Pleated Hem Cap Sleeve Shift Dress


This beauty was made and found in Puerto Rico. The upper layer of the dress is comprised of a lovely muted mustard and ivory floral lace. The cap sleeve features a double layer of lace and tan natural fabric which is the same as the pleated hem detail. There is a ribbon of the same fabric, which is attached to the dress via a small button-hole size cleft detail, which isn't visible unless you look closely at the dress. It is located on the top right of the garment, where it can be tied in a bow, removed, or worn as seen. This is quite a subtle gem. The thoughtful detail that went into its design is evident. 

Bust 18.5"
Waist 16.5"
Hip 19"
Length 38" 

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