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1970s Victor Costa Nude Lined Ivory Lace Front Closure Belted Long Dress 6


Beautifully designed early 1970s Victor Costa long-sleeved full length dress with matching belt. This lovely dress is made with beautifully intricate ecru lace. It is lined with a nude colored taffeta-like fabric. The combined sheerness of the lace, and the presence of the nude lining gives the suggestion of bareness where there is none.

The lace is a beautiful and delicate ercru crochet lace, the lining is synthetic. A beautiful piece of Victor Costa's design history. Its primary limitation is the synthetic lining, which could be changed. The dress itself has beautiful lines, construction and details. The belt is optional, you might opt to wear a plain brown leather one for example.

If you have any questions please ask.


Bust 18.5"

Waist 15.5"

Shoulder 16.5"

Sleeve-length 25"

Length 57.5"

Made in the USA





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